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  • Tuesday 14 February 2017
    Change of Judge at Wallsend on 4th March: Mr J Thornton is now judging dwarfs instead of Mr J Thompson.
  • Friday 10 February 2017
    We are aware that some people are having difficulties ordering books from our website, we are trying to sort this out as soon as we can but in the meantime please contact the office direct on 01473 652789 and order over the phone. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  • Tuesday 31 January 2017

    Change of Judge:

    Miss N Gould will now be judging Midland Area Satin at Kegworth on 5th February 2017

  • Thursday 1 September 2016

    Please note - Judge amendment for Medway Towns on 18th September.

    Mr S Germany Lop/ND

    Mr R Lightfoot - Fur/Rex

    Mr J Kay - ROFancy

  • Tuesday 16 August 2016

    The USK Show on 10th September has unfortunately been cancelled.  The show will go ahead as normal next year.


  • Tuesday 16 August 2016

    The National Cashmere Lop Club Committee have decided to cancel their show at West Midlands Championship Show to be held on the 28th August.

  • Tuesday 16 August 2016
    Change of Judge - Mr P Gray will now judge Fur & Rex at East Yorkshire on 11th September.
  • Tuesday 26 July 2016

    Scottish Tan RC will hold a two star stock show with Dunfermline & Dist on 10th September.  Advert to go in the September issue.


  • Tuesday 26 July 2016
    Change to advertised judge, Mr D Sutton will now judge Fur & Rex in place of Mrs D Brass-Brown at Stokesley Agricultural Show on 17th September.
  • Monday 4 July 2016

    Yorkshire Lop Circle at  Emley on 6th August 2016 have a Change of Judge. Claire Cormack will now Judge the Adult Support Stock Show.

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Smallest of the Lop family, this endearing newcomer arrived in the United Kingdom a decade ago and is now one of the leading stars of the exhibition world.  Maximum weight 3 lbs 8oz (1.6kgs). Bred in all British Rabbit Council recognised colours.

National Miniature Lop Rabbit Club: Mrs D Laidlow 07962 175845

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