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Fur and Feather December 2018







4/5 Meet Bradford’s Best in Show judge No 1: Garry Richardson

6/7 Bradford Premier Small Animal Show: report by Laura Fox, Show Director

8 Laura’s step-by-step guide to entering Bradford

9 Bradford’s Future Stars! by Spencer Bartle

9 Showtime photos

10/24 Reports from the Shows: October 6-28

24 BRC Office Report; IC Report

25 In All Things Let Buyer Beware! by David W Shopland

25 Summer Drifts into Autumn by Paul Keen

26/27 Pioneers of the Fancy: Sam Arnold and his Christmas story

27 The History of Durham club by Eddie Kell

28/32 News from the Clubs, Ballot Results, Recent Deaths, Letters

33 Rabbit Manure – it’s a gardener’s best friend

33 Comparative values of manure by Allan Trigg

34/5 Report from a meeting of the BRC GB

35 BRC Awards Board

36 BRC Show Diary

37/42 Show Advertisements

43 Christmas Greetings (continued from p 2)

44 Showtime News: Scottish Ch Show, Midlands Cts English 75th Anniversary Show

45 Junior U/16 Club edited by Helaina

45 Showtime News

46/48 Classified Advertisement


LONDON GAZETTE, reports and photos from the 49th London Ch Show