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Fur and Feather December 2019




1 Celebrate Christmas at the Federation show by Adele Beard
2 Exhibitor of the Year. Show News
4,5 Bradford Premier Small Animal Show by Show Director Laura Fox
6/11 Your London Memories: Congratulations, Young Londoners! by Antonia Galloway
London 50 Years On by Chas Petts
A Truly Wonderful Hobby by Lee Conner
Every picture tells a story by the Editor
National Netherland Dwarf Club’s Autumn stock show by Gary Hodson
Secretary Jim Blanchard: Behind the Scenes
12/25 Show Reports October 5 – 27
26 An Angora Rabbit in Churchill’s Secret Army by Lesley Hordon Showtime News
27 Four Months Quarantine explained by Jason Burgess, Veterinary Advisor to the BRC Another Year with Smokey & Pearl
28,29 BRC office notes, BRC Awards Board
30/33 News From the Clubs: Natioa, Regional, Local, Recent Deaths
34 BRC Show Diary. Show News.
35 Voice of The Fancy
36/40 Show Advertisements
41 Show News
42/43 Type, Type, Type! Brian Green considers the Dutch. Type in Today’s Rex by Eddie Hutchings
Around the Judging Tables at the Scottish Ch Show
44,45 Junior U/16 Club edited by Helaina
46/47 Classified Advertisements
48 Christmas Greetings

Enclosed with this issue LONDON GAZETTE

Bradford 3* & 5* Entry Forms