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Fur and Feather January 2020




1 Coventry goes Dutch by UK Dutch RC; Exhibitor of the Year by Chas Petts
2 New Year Greetings. South Wales RC’s Christmas Show, December 8. Photos Neil Robertson
3 Advert: NOFRRA. Editorial.
4,5 Bradford Premier Small Animal Show by Laura Fox Show Director
6,7 All Rex Show by Ian Dearnley, photos Neil Robertson
8,9, 10 UK Dutch 2019 ASS. Reports by Stevie Brasier and Natasha Rickman, Gary Booth. Photos UK Dutch
11 17th International EE Rabbit Judges Seminar by Derek Medlock. Harlow’s January Show by Kirsty Thompson. Show Photos: Lancashire Dutch
12 2019’s Most Successful Breeds by Chas Petts. Allen & Keith – Winners all the way! by Paul Keen. Show Photos: Huddersfield
13/31 Show Reports: November 2 – 24
32 BRC Show Diary
33/35 News from the Clubs, Ballots, Recent Deaths
36/37 Voice of the Fancy: Letters
37 BRC Office Notes, Stop Press Club notes
38/39 Show Advertisements
40 Fur & Feather Bookshop at Bradford
41 East Midlands Fanciers December 1: photos by Fred Booth, Brian Platt
42/45 “What a ‘Dwarf’ Weekend” by Gary Hodson, photos by Simon Beynon
45 Show Photos: Sth Western Fanciers
46/47 A Golden Weekend at Coventry by Martin Carnell, photos National English RC
47 Show Photos: Swindon
48 Junior U/16 Club edited by Helaina
49 Showtime News & Photos
50/52 Classfied Advertising