Britain's best loved Rabbit magazine

Fur and Feather JANUARY 2024




Cover    The Chocolate Solider celebrates 100 years

Page 2   News, The BRC advert

Page 3   Exhibitors of the Year Final report

Page 4   At home with George Moss

Page 6   Bradford Small Animal Show report

Page 8   Gloucester photos by Neil Robertson

Page 9   Let us keep judging by standards laid down in response to Cynric Richardson by Phil Batey

Page 10 Section one show reports

Page 12 100 years of the chocolate soldier

Page 14 Sent to Coventry – behind the scenes at the NN BRC 3 star

Page 16 NNDRC 3 star ASS winners photos

Page 17 NNDRC 3 star YSS winners photos

Page 18 NNDRC Presidents show winners photos

Page 19 Derby RC Christmas Show

Page 20 Section Two show reports

Page 25 Book review the History of the Domestic Rabbit

Page 26 Worcester RBS show photos by Neil Robertson

Page 27 Wallsend results, voice of the fancy

Page 28 Club News

Page 29 Ballot results

Page 30 Section 3 show reports

Page 35 Eddie Caulfield memorial show

Page 36 UK Dutch RC ASS report

Page 38 BRC office report, diploma awards

Page 39 Lop Study update

Page 40 National English RC report

Page 42 Section 4 show reports

Page 44 All Rex show photos

Page 46 Show adverts

Page 47 Frome show photos

Page 48 Show diary

Page 49 Islander Update by Leah Peck

Page 50 Youth under 21 club

Page 52 Directory