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Fur and Feather June 2020




Cover F&F £300 Lockdown Competitions
2 International Unstoppable Show; Lockdown show photos
3 Editorial
4/5 Our Lockdown Rex Show by Jennifer Schofield, Ellie McDonagh, Nathan Schofield, Charlie Gregory,Antonia Galloway
6/7 Type in Rex Rabbits by Tony Peacock; My Hobby by Lacey Arnold
8 Bradford Ch Show 2021 by Laura Fox; Bradford’s Easter Virtual Show
9/14 Virtual Show Reports April/May 2020
15 BRC Show Diary
16/17 A Covid Chronicle EPISODE TWO by Lesley Hordon
17 Junior Page: Morgan Harris
18 Dig for Victory! by Eddie Hutchings
19 My Life in Rabbits (cont) by Eddie Kell
20/21 Butterflies by Bill Parish
21 Exhibitor of the Year by Paula Atkinson
22/23 London Ch Show 2020: Update by Jim Blanchard
23 Competition: Place these Lops in 1,2,3 order by Neil Jefferis. The Faces Named: Answers to Neil Robertson’s photo quiz on our back cover
24 Guernsey celebrates 75 Years of the Liberation by Leah Peck
25 89 Years Young: tribute to Phil Crabb
27 Ventilation in the Rabbitry by Fred Caldew
28 Keeping one’s cool in the rabbitry
29 How well do your know your rabbits? Quizzes compiled by Chelmsford RC, Bob Bushell
30 Place the Lops: fanciers votes
30 GB Statements
31/32 News from the Clubs, Obituaries
33 Colour in Orange & Fawn Rex by Janice Calvert
34/35 Lops4NHS Virtual Show
36/37 Nat N/Dwarf Virtual Show gallery
38/39 Classified Advertisements
40 Cover competition: Name the Faces photographed by Neil Robertson