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Fur and Feather October 2019




4/5 British Mini Rex Club’s 2019 Summer Seminar by Stephen King
5 Trip to Guernsey by Gemma Bailey
6/7 An Australian affair: Developing a Fancy for the Future by Simon Whincup
8 Showtime News: Gillingham & Shaftesbury Ag Show, Chersey Ag Show, Swindon,
Halifax Ag Show. Photos: Brian Platt, Trina Carey, Neil Robertson, Fred Booth
9/26 Show Reports August 3/26
27/29 London’s 50th Celebration Show by Jim Blanchard (Secretary)
30/31 BRC Show Diary
31 BRC Office Report
32/34 News from the Clubs: National, Specialist, Local, Apology, Recent Deaths
35/39 Show Advertisements
40/41 The Voice of the Fancy (Your Letters)
41/43 Showtime News. Plus photos by Joe Carey, Ian Ruffle, Lucy Wheal, Fred Booth, Adele Beard, Neil Robertson
44/45 Junior U/16 Club edited by Helaina
46/48 Classified advertisements