Britain's best loved Rabbit magazine

Fur and Feather October 2020




Cover Unstoppable Show 6: BiS & Runner up photos. Bradford SLS Statement. re 2021
2 Junior U/16 Club edited by Helaina
3 News Page
4/5 Fancier Facts by Allan Trigg: Denise Laidlow
5 Your Star Guide by Arnie Hill
6/7 Nat French & Dwarf Lop Summer Show: photos
7 At Home in Your Rabbitry: photos
8/9 London Ch Show by Jim Blanchard. Medway Towns/North Kent Box Show
10 BRC Statement: Management Committee. Introducing the new President Elect and three new MC members
11 Reports from the Shows: August, September 2020
12 Unstoppable Shows: Top 10. BRC Show Diary
13 Voice of the Fancy: Your Letters
14 Australian Viewpoint by John Porritt
15 National Service (Part 4) by Eddie Hutchings
16/17 The Best of Fur & Feather: W King Wilson (1966)
17 Ermine Rex by Arnie Hill
18 A Covid Chronicle Episode 6 by Lesley Hordon
19 Summer Lockdown Winners (September issue) selected by “Anon”
20/22 News from the Clubs, Recent Deaths
23/24 “Not at Otley” Garden Show: by Ian Dearnley
25 The Best of Fur & Feather: Arnold Sanderson
26/27 Virtual Shows & the American Way by Bill Paley, David Moll
28/29 Guernsey’s August pen show by Leah Peck
29 Introducing the BRC’s Instagram Page
29 Bridge the Gap Puzzle: by Les Frost
30/31 Classified Advertisements
32 Puzzle Page: by Jim Blanchard & Mark Deal