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Fur and Feather September 2020




Cover London Ch Show: advertisement
2 London Ch Show by Jim Blanchard
3 Point of View: Paul Griffith
4 Dee Millen promotion. F&F Lockdown winners
5 Anno horribilis by Ian Dearnley; BRC notes and show diary
6/7 You never really lose the rabbit bug by Steve Envis
7 Durham fanciers stage all-breed event
8/11 Photos/reports from the Virtual Shows
11 (Virtual) Exhibitor of the Year: reported by Paula Atkinson
12 The show must go on by Paul Keen Voice of the Fancy: Your Letters
13 Article: A doe’s natural instinct
14 Covid-19 in Animals: an update by Lesley Hordon. Word Wheel by Les Frost
15 National Service (3) by Eddie Hutchings
16 Chocolate Lops: article
17/19 Fancier Facts: Heather Heron by Allan Trigg
19 Guernsey: islander update by Lea Peck
20/21 Feeding Rabbits by Claire Hamblion (Supreme Petfoods)
22/24 Giant Jottings by Bill Chapman
25 After the War by Judy leMarchant.
26/7 Carlisle Rabbit Club by Jenny Carlile, Julia Scott, Charlon Ellul
28 Rabbit breeds crossword by Mark Deal
29 Stockmen: article. New Triple Vaccine reported by Lesley Hordon
30/31 News from the Clubs: National, Regional, Local, Recent Deaths
32 A Covid Chronicle (part 5) by Lesley Hordon
33 Pateley: remembered by Bill Paley
34/35 The Belgian Hare: article
36 Junior U/16 Club edited by Helaina
37 Type is what you make it: article
38/39 Classified Advertisements
40 Cover advertisement: Supreme Petfoods