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The Rabbit with Five Rings Selected Essays On The Dutch Rabbit From A Personal Perspective W. J. Paley





157 A5 pages, soft back, illustrated, 1st edition 2021 ISBN 978-1-898015-36-9.

Bill Paley writes: The idea for a book on Dutch rabbits was first discussed with me by the late Eric Gaskin at the 2004 Bradford Championship Show, when other books such as “A Fancier’s Guide to the Rex Rabbit”, by John Hodgkiss, had been recently published. Eric thought that a similar book on Dutch would be a worthwhile and useful addition to the Fancy’s library.
I agreed to take on the project and began the research. Eric, for his part, even advertised the book in Fur & Feather, alerting fanciers to its imminent publication. Unfortunately, the pressures of work, family commitments and life in general limited my spare time and the project had to be shelved.
The late John Lennon once wrote, “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans”. How right he was. I felt guilty about letting down Eric and resolved that, given the opportunity, I would honour my promise to him. Hence, when the country entered Covid-19 lockdown and restrictions in 2020 and early 2021 I found I had more spare time and thus I took up the idea again.
Back in 2004, I discussed the idea with the late Peter Handley. He advised that I use material written by the “old hands” of the Dutch fancy such as himself. He reasoned that it would have more credibility with fellow Dutch fanciers.
So, that is what I have done. The book is a series of selective essays by “old hand” fanciers of the past from the USA and Britain, together with some of my articles from past UKDRC yearbooks. It returns to a format adopted by most late Victorian writers such as Ralph Edwards and others.
It is the first book of substance written on Dutch rabbits since Tom Ambrose’s book in 1913. The works of Jim Read in the 1940s and Arthur Colbeck in the 1970s were only short booklets but, nevertheless useful and interesting publications.
The book is aimed at both an American and British market but also refers to Dutch in Europe. It’s been a long time in the making but I hope fanciers enjoy it as much as I have writing it.

Philip and Elizabeth Smethurst writes: “When we were first informed of this book we were looking forward to it with great anticipation and we weren’t disappointed. This is what Dutch breeders have wanted for many years. A book containing all the many aspects of the Dutch rabbit and a full comprehensive study of each of the colours, their origins and development over the years. A great thought provoking read full of the characters of yesteryear, the top Dutchmen, and their ideas on breeding and showing.
Bill and Printing for Pleasure have done a tremendous job in putting this book together and we consider it a most welcome addition to every Dutchman’s library.”