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Fur and Feather December 2020




Cover Bradford Premier Small Animal Virtual Show
2 The Dutch fancy’s Challenging Year by Gary Booth
3 News items
4-6 Fancier Facts: Allan Trigg interviews Bill Parish
7 Christmas Word Search by Mark Deal
8 Junior U/16 Club edited by Helaina; November’s £100 voucher winners
9 BRC Report: MC Virtual Meeting held 21/11/2020)
EE news from Derek Medlock
10 Resumption of shows during global pandemic (Covid-19)
11-18 Judges’ reports from London’s virtual event
19-21 London BoB photos; Medway Town/Norh Kent Halloween show; Midland Area N/Dwarf Halloween show
22 My Life in the Fancy by Steve Galloway
23 The Best of Fur & Feather: Pat Duffy’s 1996 New Year Message. Virtual Exhibitor of the Year: report by Paula Atkinson
24 Voice of the Fancy: Your Letters
25-27 News from the Clubs; Recent Deaths
27 Jim Blanchard’s Christmas quiz: answers
28 My life with rabbits by Judy leMarchant: part 4
29 BRC Office notes, Show Diary. Derek Medlock introduces the Marten Sussex.
30 The Dutch rabbit (continued) by Paul Keen. Jim Blanchard’s Christmas quiz: Find the club secretaries
31 A Covid Chronicle Episode 8 by Lesley Hordon
32-33 Christmas and New Year Greetings
34-36 Ian Ruffle introduces you to the Normal Lilac
37 Guernsey Update by Leah Peck
38-40 Classifieds
INSERT: Exhibit card for the Bradford Premier Virtual Show