Britain's best loved Rabbit magazine

Fur and Feather July 2020




Cover Unstoppable Summer Sweepstakes Series
2 Lockdown shows: exhibitors’ photos
3 Editorial
4/7 The Rare Varieties RC at 50
8 The change from Feather to Fur by Malcolm Barnett
9 BRC GB Statement; BRC Show Diary
10/11 Virtual Show Reports June 2020
12/13 Voice of the Fancy: Your Letters
14 Covid Chronicles Part 3 by Lesley Hordon. Who’s leading in the UK virtual shows? Paula Atkinson checks the reports
15 London Ch Show 2020: Update by Jim Blanchard + Jim’s Lockdown Quiz
16/17 Worcestershire RBA celebrates its 80th birthday.
18/19 The Dalmatian Rex by Ian Gerrard; comment by Ted Flack
20/21 Establishing your own stud of Dutch by James Read
Bradford Ch Show 2021 Update by Laura Fox
22/23 Exhibiting Rabbits in 1880
24 RVHD2 Update by Lesley Hordon
25 The Future of the Fancy by Antonia Galloway
26 Lockdown report from Australia by John Porritt; Fancier Facts: Arnie Hill (New Series by Allan Trigg)
27 News from the Clubs, Obituaries
28/29 How Well Do You Know the BRC? (with an update by the GB)
30 F&F Junior Club edited by Helaina
31 “It’s All About Rabbits” by Lucy Berry
32 National Service by Eddie Hutchings; My First BRC Champion by Chris Bennett
33 Guernsey celebrates being covid free by Leah Peck. Essex Rex judging competition introduced by Lisa Schmid. Nat Netherland Dwarf RC new poster
34/35 Classified Advertisements
36 Cover competition: Guess the Breed by Mark Deal
Enclosed with this issue: 16pp BRC Annual Report