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Miniature Lion Lop

Introduced into the UK by Jane Bramley in the early 200s, who tells us that the first maned mutations were discovered in Belgium and northern France where they were developed by various breeders in Europe.

Jane explains: “Although many breeds were used in their development, the significant introductions were a line to Netherland dwarfs which were imported as early lionheads. Another line had been crossed with lops and it was one of these that I used, spending five years crossing with mini lops until I had the type and size required. They were then bred true, only using a mini lop when a new colour was required, which had the added benefit of increasing the gene pool.

“My original experience with the development of the mini lop (without the use of imports) and mini cashmeres helped in my work to create this delightful breed.”

A national club was formed in 2007 and the first show was held at Stafford in June of that year, when this little lop with the mane of the lionhead immediately roared to success.

Colour Weight Club
Wide range of colours and patterns Ideal weight 1.5 kg Lion Lops UK

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